The OCL Group

The OCL Group helps leaders achieve results that make a measurable difference in the lives of people.  Through Results Based Leadership, we help leaders identify the changes they want to make in the world, quantify how they will know the change is being made, and put in place strategies to do the work.

What We Do

Results Based Leadership Programs and Fellowships

Design and Implement Results Based Leadership Programs, including Fellowships, to support a cohort of leaders to produce results

Executive Coaching for Results

Executive Coaching for Senior Executives working to make population level changes in areas to which they are accountable

Results Based Facilitation

Results Based Facilitation Workshops for leaders at all levels who want to learn to move from talk to action

Capacity Building

Capacity Building for leadership teams who need additional leverage to succeed

Results Consulting

Consulting in Results Based Accountability to support leaders and teams bring a greater results focus to their work and design measures to track success.

Ten Conversations for Working in
High Action and High Alignment


  • Creates a shared context for working together
  • Allows people to show their values and principles
  • Reveals intention

  • Creates commitment and trust
  • Establishes accountability and responsibility

  • Builds an understanding of each other’s conditions of satisfaction around outcomes

  • Creates new possible futures and potentials for action
  • Calls forth the creative artist in each person

  • Generates publicly intentions for the things for which we want to be responsible

  • Creates the foundation for future action
  • Outlines what each person is willing to do and what others can expect

  • Supports the “doing” to fulfill intentions and achieve desired outcomes

  • Generates the conditions of satisfaction for completing the work

  • Generates awareness of inner knowledge
  • Validates personal wisdom and experience as sources for addressing complex problems

  • Generates the insights derived from reviewing and assessing where we have been and what we have learned


  • “The experience we recently had developing and implementing a leadership development program with OCL was absolutely outstanding. Their experience, professionalism and collaborative approach resulted in a program that achieved the results we sought and, by all accounts, exceeded participants’ expectations. We would highly recommend OCL to anyone interested in results-oriented leadership work."

    Tony Cipollone, President and CEO, the John T. Gorman Foundation (Portland, Maine)”
  • “The Retreat went very, very well. Raj is just exceptional at what he does. Wow!....We love working with The OCL Group, too. I hope to do it again and again.”

    Sarah Vice President for Human Resources

Who We Are

Results Based Leadership:  Creating Results that Matter

  • Patton Stephens
    Patton Stephens Director of Operations and Client Services

    Patton brings a unique combination of leadership development, project management, coaching, and writing skills to the work of results based leadership.  With degrees and/or training in Public Administration, Organization Development, Coaching, and Results Based Facilitation, Patton provides a role desperately needed in all projects:  establishing a solid foundation upon which important work can happen.  Patton relishes her work in the world of Results Based Leadership, which both in theory and application honors her long-standing approach of encouraging individuals and groups to reach for high-impact external goals in ways that also facilitate internal change—a two-tiered approach that ensures enduring success.

  • Raj Chawla
    Raj Chawla Principal

    Raj has over 25 years of experience in leadership development, organizational and executive coaching, and organizational development.  Raj helps leaders achieve greater system-wide outcomes and effect deeper system reforms by creating influence strategies within their organizations; forming and leveraging partnerships; and generating quantitative measures to guide, track, and unify critical work efforts and ensure the highest contributions to overarching goals and results.  Raj holds a Masters in International Affairs from The American University in Washington, D.C. and a B.A. in Economics from Emory University. He is a Master Certified Coach with the International Coaching Federation.  In addition, Raj has participated in Executive Programs at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government and George Mason University.

Consulting Networks

Founding Member of  Results Based Leadership (RBL) Consortium – Leadership that Makes a Measurable Difference

Board Member of Results Based Facilitation (RBF) Network – Moving from Talk to Action.  Visit this RBF Network page to sign up for Open Enrollment RBF Workshops (click on the “workshops” tab once on the website)

Recent Projects

Children’s Health Leadership Network

Help leaders shape the state policy landscape to improve health outcomes for vulnerable children (partnership with Packard, Annie E Casey, and Atlantic Foundations)

John T. Gorman Fellowship

Design and implement Fellowship program to support leaders in Maine to make a measurable difference in the lives of Mainers.

Promise Neighborhoods Implementation Sites

Coaching and consulting for Promise Neighborhood Implementation sites to accelerate achievement of their results (partnership with AECF).

Arizona Grade Level Reading Campaign

Results Based Leadership Program for leaders working to meet specific targets for grade level reading, including school readiness (partnership with AECF).

Results Leadership for Collective Impact with Living Cities

Design and execute Results Based Leadership programs to leverage collective impact through the extensive network of cities focused on by Living Cities to improve the economic well being of low-income people

Children and Family Fellowship

Faculty for renowned Annie E Casey Foundation Fellowship for top leaders working to change the lives of children and families in need.

Performance Partnership Summits

Leading conferences of states and non-profit agencies to reach goals and agreements in accelerated forums centered around shared results.


Creating the Container to Achieve Results: A Guide for Leaders, Teams, Project Managers, and More


While it takes strong leaders and a powerful commitment to achieve results, one underlying component of most successful projects is a solid “container” to support the work. In results based leadership, the “container to achieve results” is created from project launch through completion and includes features that create buy-in and a shared commitment to results. This booklet provides an overview of the phases involved in creating a container for results, plus the detailed checklists and narrative needed to get it all done. An indispensable guide for leaders, teams, project managers, and anyone else leading an effort to achieve results in areas that matter.

Purchase here.

Coaching Tools to Help Leaders Create Results


When you’re in your leadership role, sometimes it’s hard to know what to do and how to have the most impact. In fact, traditional models for leading don’t include all the skills that leaders need for maximizing their effectiveness. That’s where coaching tools come in: strategies to help others find better and more effective ways of carrying out their roles in the workplace by gaining access to new ways of thinking and seeing. “Coaching Tools to Help Leaders Create Results” not only equips leaders with new ways of thinking and seeing, but it does so in the context of meeting organizational results that matter and to which each person is accountable. This context uniquely drives home the content which, as a welcome change, is a breath of fresh air in the field of leadership development.

Purchase here.